This listing is for 3 nesting bowls (not the just the two as pictured).  These nesting bowls will be small, medium and large serving bowls - Imagine bowls for sauce, veggies and a salad!


This and all items in ththis collection are custom orders that will be made to order (as purchased) for the couple.  They will not be ready to pick up after payment as they won't have been made yet.  You will instead get a printable graphic with what you have purchased for them with your name on it via email!  Pop it in a card and you are good to go!  


Please do not add this item to your cart unless you are wanting to purchase this for the couple.  If you are not someone who is purchasing a wedding gift for the happy couple, feel free to send me a message and we can chat about getting you your very own custom order made up! 

Troy & Kristi - Nesting Bowl Set of 3

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  • All items on Registry will be given to the couple with a note of who they are gifted from.  They have chatted with me about exactly what they want - so you can be sure that you are getting them a custom, beautiful piece that will fit into their home and life together!